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“This is the story of what happened when my Dad pursued his version of the American dream to build RawFaith.  With hard work, ingenuity, perseverance and sacrifice he was also willing to challenge great odds and to accept the price for pursuing his goal. In the end he lost everything that should matter in this world, at least for a while.” ~ Aaron McKay, Oldest Son

“I found it to be a compelling story of a man who lost everything to his faith and the unrelenting force of the sea on his dream. George’s relationship with his sons was particularly heartening. Poignant and captivating. Thank you for sharing their story.” ~ Molly Harvey via Facebook

BEST FEATURE FILM- Newburyport Documentary Film Festival 2013

“This is a beautiful documentary, thoughtfully wrought, about a close family’s commitment to an endeavor that was doomed from the start” ~ Nim Marsh, Editor POINTS EAST Magazine; December 2013

“Roscoe does a masterful job of capturing McKay’s humanity and vulnerability- both in words and in visuals” ~ Matt Murphy, Editor; WOODENBOAT Magazine January/February 2014

Boston Globe    “RawFaith”  Film Tells Saga of Family Bond Lost at Sea  by James Sullivan  April 17, 2014

“Good DVD” recommendation- CruisingWorld Magazine, February 2014

“Visually arresting…and dramatically paced”  Charles Doane for SAIL February 2014

Portland Press Herald Aug 11, 2013 Bob Keyes summarizes the story of RawFaith and its telling in the new feature documentary of the same name

Portland Press Herald Dennis Perkins reviews the documentary RawFaith for the Portland Press Herald

WCSH 6 Don Carrigan interviews RawFaith Producer Gregory Roscoe about the release of the documentary for NBC affiliate WSCH 6 Portland, ME

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